The Easiest Software to Use


Ever asked yourself "why can't this program just do what I want?" or been frustrated at the way a computer program seems to lack even the most basic intelligence? We understand exactly how you feel. That's why at O'Neill Software Engineering, everything we do reflects our motto - "the easiest software to use."

The O'Neill Model:
  • Simplicity
  • Power
  • Intelligence
  • Intuitivity
  • Productivity

Our mission is to create simple, powerful, intelligent and intuitive systems that increase productivity, are easy and even enjoyable to use, and reduce repetitive and time-consuming tasks.



At O'Neill Software Engineering, the focus is on you — the customer. We aim to produce software that is simple, to the point and which caters to the requirements of your business. We don't weigh down our programs with unnecessary and complicated features. Each of our programs is kept as simple as possible, so that it's as simple as possible for you to use.



Each of our software solutions is produced specifically for your business, taking into account your special needs and the way in which you operate. Rather than making cosmetic changes to a generic product or branding it with your business name, our software is custom produced — this results in a powerful system, close-suited to your business model and which better meets your requirements.

Computers are capable of making more calculations per second than us humans can hope to make in a lifetime. It's all about giving them the right calculations to make.



At O'Neill Software Engineering, we look on computers as more than just ignorant boxes that can regurgitate data, leaving you to wade through the mess, wasting time and energy before you can achieve something useful. We aim to produce intelligent software that gives you the feeling of having a personal aide, ready to provide you with the information you need in a clear, organised way.



Changing, or upgrading to a new business computer system is no easy task. Apart from the technical difficulties and teething problems associated with the new system, a great deal of time and money needs to be spent on employee training. At O'Neill Software Engineering, we aim to create software that is so intuitive it needs minimal training to use. We focus on making our software as easy to use as possible, so you can get on with the job of running your business.

Increased Productivity


When we analyse your business, we make a beeline for repetitive, manual tasks, whether they are performed using an ill-suited computer program or on paper, and look for ways that we can digitise these tasks. In this way, the computer program takes on these tasks, leaving your employees free to concentrate on what they do best - whether it is the administration side of things such as management, sales, marketing or customer service, or the actual production, delivery or installation of your product.

Our software aims to increase the productivity of your business by freeing up employees' time, and we find that rather than leaving the employees who used to perform these tasks out of a job, they become even more useful and valuable assets to their employers because they are able to focus on growth of the business.