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Custom Software Solutions What we can do for you

At O'Neill Software Engineering, we create custom digital solutions to meet the needs of your business or organization. We specialize in business process management, industry-specific small to medium business solutions and web systems development.

Based in Australia, we embrace all the advantages of today's digital world and work with customers around the world via video conferencing and email, keeping your cost down by eliminating the need for expensive on-site visits or travel to our offices.

The Best in Customer Service

At O'Neill Software Engineering we take great pride in providing the best customer service no matter how big or small the project. You get attentive, personal service from project start through to ongoing support. We take the time to learn and understand your business and then bring our experience and expertise in developing custom software systems to the table.

We are the software equivalent of getting a tailored suit — just right, fits perfectly and is customized to your every need.

Free your employees to innovate Business Process Management

We create custom business process management and automation solutions to manage all your core activities such as databases and data management, product and inventory management, order fulfilment and analytics.

We automate manual tasks that waste your employees' productivity, streamline communication pathways in your organization and present analytics to management.

Small to Medium Sized Businesses Industry-Specific Solutions

We specialize in making custom software that meets the needs of your trade or industry. We learn your small to medium-sized business and build software solutions that support your activities.

Our software is built especially for you and your needs.

E-Commerce and Web-Based Business Management Web Systems Development

We build beautiful, clean and effective customer-facing websites which are connected to powerful back-end systems. With our expertise in web systems development, you can be engaged with your customers anywhere in the world, at any time.

O'Neill Software Engineering is also a web hosting provider, which means we take care of everything from designing your website to e-commerce, building custom interactive functionality with your customer, processing secure online payments and integrating with your other systems.

Some Examples of Our Work Case Studies

A simulated military band Digital Parade

Digital Parade was born when the founder of O'Neill Software Engineering saw his local Air Force Cadet unit conduct their graduation parade without music. Realizing that military bands are few and in high demand, and the motivation that marching to music gives the young cadets, he decided to create a virtual military band which would play all their ceremonial music.

Leveraging O'Neill Software Engineering's experience in simulation and business process management systems, Digital Parade evolved into a high-precision military band simulator, capable of providing full musical support to entire military parades, maintaining synchronization with troop movements and responding to unexpected events and mistakes.

Digital Parade is currently in use all over Australia with versions available for each of the United States Armed Forces and custom editions produced on request.

Innovation in fault tolerant systems design Reliability Analysis Teacher (RAT)

RAT is a fault-tolerant systems simulation software which was designed to be used by graduate-level university students studying real-time and fault-tolerant systems. RAT works out step-by-step calculations involving degradation states, backup systems, safety states and failure states.

RAT is currently the primary software solution used in graduate fault-tolerant systems classes at a major Melbourne university.

Bringing driving instruction into the digital age Driving Instructor Management System (DIMS)

We partnered with a Melbourne driving school to produce a complete solution for managing their driving school - from initial enquiry to booking management, car scheduling and financials. The system integrates seamlessly between the office and driving instructor's mobile phones in the field.

Today, their entire business operation is managed through DIMS.

O'Neill Software Engineering About Us

O'Neill Software Engineering was established in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia and has developed a wide range of software and hardware solutions across various industries. Our guiding principle in software development is making sure our product is the easiest software to use.

Our business specializes in developing niche software products for growing businesses and organizations. We aim to support your growth with intelligent and user-friendly software that increaases your productivity and leaves you free to focus on what you do best.

Today we specialize in three core areas: business process management, industry-specific niche solutions and web systems development. We also provide consultation services.

We aim to be most effective with your time and money, conducting all our business via video conferencing, skype and email, so you can save the cost and hassle of travel.

At O'Neill Software Engineering, we look forward to serving you and delivering an innovative, quality custom product to support your business.

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